Friday, January 25, 2013

The Importance of Bible Prophecy

I am amazed at how much of the Church (as in Christian community) pays little to no attention to Bible prophecy.  I realize that many ministers find it confusing so they do not dare touch it. Others find it irrelevant, choosing instead to focus on the Gospel and Christian living.

About one-third of the Bible is prophecy, with around 14 percent yet to be fulfilled.  ONE-THIRD.  That big of a chunk is worth paying attention to, is it not? Certainly much of it concerns the birth, life, death and resurrection of the Messiah.  But there remains prophecy concerning end times and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Some of it has been fulfilled, some of it remains. Some of it we see taking shape, or gearing up, today.

Usually when one thinks of end time prophecies, the book of Revelation comes to mind. However, there are many prophecies found in the Old Testament that do not describe scrolls and bowls and horsemen and plagues. It is these prophecies that I find the most fascinating, since I will not be here to experience the period of tribulation described in the final book of God's word.

So why is Bible prophecy important? After all, as Christians shouldn't we focus on sharing the Good News and just let whatever happens, happen? As you know, I am just a simple mom with no formal education in theology. My 4 reasons are simple. I'll leave the more complicated explanations to the scholars.

4.) Why not? If God dedicated one-third of His written word to us to prophecy and bothered to make sure it withstood the test of time so it is available to us thousands of years later, why shouldn't we be interested? If He wanted us to remain in the dark about all end time events, He never would've included it.  All of His written word is necessary and important, even the tedious book of Numbers :)!

3.) It helps us find perspective. Since we know the Bible is true (to read how I know this, click here), then we know that what He says about the final days are true. Since we know this to be true, the book of Revelation is true and since it is true, then we should be even more earnest in sharing the Good News to the lost.  If we truly believe that what we believe is really real, we would shudder at the thought of our family and friends, and Walmart cashier and neighbor and postal worker and whomever else being lost.  If we know the prophecies, even with the simplest and most general of understanding, we would be able to see the signs of Christ's return. They would be like giant, flashing neon signs reminding us of our Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

2.)It makes sense of the madness.  While the increasing moral decline of the world feels me with sadness (and let's be honest, at times even anger), I realize it is to be expected. I am not shocked, just heart sick.  The increase in natural disasters, violence and pain are all signs.  When we have a general idea of what to expect, we are not at all surprised at the continued unrest in the middle east. It is no surprise why the whole world spends any time at all caring about Israel, a tiny country the size of New Jersey. While frustrating and disheartening, we are not shocked to find those professing Jesus as Lord being ridiculed, persecuted and "impostered". Yes, Lucifer knows his time is short and he is on a rampage like never before. He laughs with delight every time a Christian is persecuted, a baby is aborted, people massacred, God is blasphemed and a family falls apart.  We don't shake our heads and ask "What is the world coming to", for we know the answer to that question.  We also have at least a general understanding of why the nation we love so much, the United States, is in the condition it is in.

1.) Our blessed hope.  I do not mean "hope" as in "wish", but rather the excited expectation and anticipation of a future more wonderful than we could ever imagine.  When we understand what God says will happen in the end of days, and we see these events unfolding, we cannot help but grow excited at what is in store for us. Sad for the lost, of course, thus reason number three. Sure, only the Father knows when the end will come but we can know the season and I am convinced we are living in the final season of human history.

I do not know if this mortal body of mine will experience the rapture, or if I will be among the first caught up in the air-having already shed this mortal body-but I can tell the end is in sight. But they've been saying that forever, you may sigh. True. But never before have events lined up so perfectly and there are prophecies already fulfilled that simply must be fulfilled before the end can come. This really is a matter of life and death, folks.

Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. Revelation 3:3b

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