Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

Happy New Year!  Here we are, 2012 behind us and 2013 full steam ahead!
Have you made your resolutions or do you bother?

I began this blog almost a year ago, resolving in 2012 to bring glory to God through my spirit, mind and body.  The Lord has brought me far from the woman I was a year ago, but I remain in the refiners fire and will likely be there till I see His face!  In the meantime, I have some more specific goals for 2013. After this post has been up a few days, I will file it in the pages tab above for my own quick reference. These are goals I have to assist in a healthier spirit, mind and body for the glory of God. I also have a few general, to-do-list-type of goals.

Goals for 2013:

Spirit- *Daily study and quiet time (this is SOOO important, and while my intentions are good, my follow through is usually rushed or never gotten around to :/)
             *Stay away from the 3 G's! I'll explain what these are later in the post.

Mind- *Get back into memorizing Bible verses. I used to do this a lot as a teenager. The verses remain in my mind, but their location does not.
            *Take all thoughts captive for Christ. Our minds and spirits are so interwoven. What and how we think determines our moods and vice versa. You know what I mean?
            *Choose to smile! I'll post on this later.
            *MIND my own business! I generally do this, except for when I know someone is struggling with something I feel the need to offer my two cents without being asked. Bad Marcia.
            * Avoid the 3 G's and those who practice them! The 3 G's are: gripe, grumble and gossip! The Lord has really brought to my attention lately that I spend waste way too much time talking with people who do these regularly. This affects how I think as well as my mood and what my mind dwells on. Isn't there a verse about filthy talk and speaking only what can edify or encourage? See my need to get back into verse memorization?

Body- * More water!
           * Daily stretching
           * Go to doctor (There is a doctor in the nearest "big city" that will run a complete blood work assessment to see what my body is deficient in and then offer natural solutions. I've said it before, I REFUSE to be on prescription meds if I can help it.)
          *Stick to a regular sleep routine. We all know how important proper rest is. It is crucial for someone with fibromyalgia. I'm not in college anymore (long time out!), I can't be pulling anymore late nighters!
          *Repeat: Smile! Laugh. It does a body good. First verse memorization:

A cheerful heart makes good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

I look forward to what may come in the next year. Be on the lookout for my next installment in the Mom Lookin' Up Series, The Importance of Bible Prophecy.

What are some of your new year goals?


  1. The 3G's, I like that. I need to stay away from that too. Thanks for linking up at Ting's Mom!

  2. This is a great list. I definitely want to make a huge effort to stay away from the three G's! I also need to drink more water, as I have been relying way too heavily on sodas lately.

  3. Nice post! I like the 3 G's especially the gossip. It's amazing how we listen to gossip and then our moods are turned around. We can get upset with others from info we heard when in reality, there is no truth to it.

  4. These are great! Happy New Year and good luck on your goals.

  5. Oh I see something that I NEED to do ... Drink water!!! I don't do that enough... Thanks for reminding me...


  6. These are all great, and all things I could afford to work on too! Can't wait to hear updates on how you are doing with them.


  7. I hope you get to do everything you hope to this year. I am hoping to get to everyone of my confirmation classes and read my bible more lol.
    I am a new follower from the blog hop and hope you can come visit me