Friday, November 16, 2012


I love following along with others' blogs.  Most of the blogs I follow have new posts nearly every day. This sometimes makes me feel guilty for neglecting mine, but I must remind myself of its purpose and my own priorities.  While I adore my readers and hope that a post or two may be found helpful in some way, mostly I blog for my own benefit.  I've kept a journal since I was eleven years old, so this is its modern equivelent of sorts. Obviously I filter some of my thoughts, since I am aware that not only complete strangers are reading them, but also close friends and family members. However, I have been told that I am still a little too open and revealing. Oh well. If you get a kick out of my random and sporadic bursts of transparency then: Welcome! If not, know what you should do. :)

So anyway, here's my explanation of why I haven't been posting very regularly.  I am working on a post that means a great deal to me and one that I hope you will find helpful as well so stayed tuned. I am still attempting to develop a more efficient routine around here, but one thing and then another keeps happening and I find myself just getting through the day instead of living purposefully. I don't like that, but God's grace is sufficient.....

Talk to you again soon.


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