Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost Amish?

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A few weeks ago, my grandmother told me that another dear family member (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are! :)) described me as "almost Amish".  While not offended by this comment, I have to laugh at it.  I can see their point...sort of.  While there are some differences doctrinally between Amish beliefs and my own, I guess I can see how today's "modern woman" may find me a bit.....unmodern.

Here are the ways my family member says I am "almost Amish" (and the real truth behind it):

*I wear my hair long and pulled back (I do not have a covering, though I am not particularly opposed to them. My hair is long because I only go to the salon when I just can't "take it anymore" I am too cheap to spend that much on my hair. It is pulled back because it bugs me to have it wrap itself around my neck.)

*I wear no makeup (this is because I am too lazy preoccupied to give make up much thought except for on special occasions. I am not opposed to make up; it is not a "religious choice" of mine to not wear any. I want the choice to wear it when the notion strikes me.)

*I grow a garden. (I find this a very weak association. Lots of people garden; even "city folk")

*I can and freeze our harvest. (Old-fashioned, maybe 15 years ago, but like gardening, preserving one's harvest is growing more popular. Nothing to do with being Amish)

*I don't consider myself as "my own person"-I live a life of service to my husband and children. ( This is not an Amish thing, but a God-thing. He tells us we are not our own, but "bought with a price" and to live a life honoring God. We know that the best way a woman can honor God is to serve her family with a gentle and quiet spirit.)

*I want to raise chickens (again, not exclusively Amish. It's not even "Christian" per se)

*I have made my own laundry detergent, deodorant, facial masks and biscuits. (It is called being useful and frugal and responsible as a good steward of our single income. Not to mention, just plain cool.)

*I wear lots of skirts (that was true in the summer. Now it is colder, not so much. Again, not Amish exclusively. There is a recent movement of more and more women choosing to wear only skirts and dresses. Like with make up and my hair, I wear whatever strikes my fancy at the moment-though I always choose comfort over style)

*I believe in home schooling. (I home schooled from birth to age 8 and a half. I would still be home schooling her except she expressed a desire to go to the "big school" and since she has cognitive delays and challenges-I want to provide the best environment in which she can learn. At the moment, that is public school. I will home school Buck though, at least through middle school. Considering the HUGE home school movement, this is hardly just an Amish/Minnonite practice.)

So there you have it.  I'm really not so odd, am I? ;) I want to honor God with my heart and this is often reflected in my actions and choices. If this makes me "almost Amish" then so be it. I take it as a compliment. After all, we are instructed to come out of the world and "be ye separate". Besides, I don't think there are many Amish bloggers-since they have no electricity-do you? (smile)

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