Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Eat More Chikin" on August 1!

I know I have been transitioning my family into more of a whole foods diet, which means we are transitioning away from fast food. However, there is one company I am standing behind no matter what.

You are more than likely aware of all the flack Chick-fil-A  has received in the past few days: first it was people complaining about them never opening on Sundays and now the president of the company has had his words misinterpreted regarding his (and the company's) support of traditional family values.  I am also aware of the "whole food" community "boycotting" Chick-fil-A because of the ingredient contents in its famous chicken sandwich.  While I love healthy, unprocessed, non-GMO food as much as the next person, I am a Christian first and foremost. When I find a company that has a history of standing behind Biblical values, I support them. After all, such a thing is rare in the big business world.

I am not alone in my support; others, and even Mike Huckabee, agree. That is why he has unofficially announced Aug 1 as "Support Chick-fil-A Day".  If you happen to be close to one of the 1600 nation-wide locations, stop in and order something. Just because. Just to say, "I appreciate your values as a company and as individuals and I applaud your standing behind your convictions."

To watch Huckabee's interview with S.Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, click here. 

After discussing this issue at church on Sunday night, we have decided to take a bus load on a little Chick-fil-A field trip.  

Have a great Wednesday!

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