Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the World? New Series!

Join me for a new series dear to my heart.

You've heard the news. You've read the headlines. Hollywood even made a blockbuster hit about it.  According to some, the world may only have a few short days before coming to an explosive end on December 21st.  Yawn.

While I hold absolutely no stock whatsoever in the Mayan Calendar, I do believe we are living in very exciting times. Well, exciting for those of us who acknowledge Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.  You see, we have something far more substantial and reliable than a system etched in a stone tablet in ancient Mesoamerica.  We have the very word of God.  That same God who gives mankind the ability to think, reason and invent also gives us a glimpse into His plan for His creation through His word.

Have you ever stopped to consider how the ancient writings found today in what we know as The Holy Bible managed to withstand the test of time?  Not just the epistles or gospel letters that make up the New Testament, but the writings of Moses?  The very account of the beginning of the world, as relayed in Genesis? What about Job, thought to be the oldest writings of the Scriptures, dating even before Moses?  "Scholars" have claimed that what we have today as The Holy Bible is incomplete, thus making it unreliable because we lack the "whole story", but I say that is a bunch of hogwash. The same God that spoke the universe into existence is powerful enough to make sure we have the word we need to come to the saving knowledge of Christ and thus the restoration of relationship with Him.

But, some may say, the Ten Commandments were also etched on stone tablets and every culture throughout the ages have their own account of the beginning of the world. There are many ancient writings that have withstood time. Why should we believe the Bible is more reliable than any of these? More specifically, why should we believe what it says about the end of the world? And even if we do "believe" it, why should we concern ourselves with it?

The Word of God is True and will outlast this fallen world.

We will discuss the answer to these and other questions in upcoming posts in this series. I hope you will join me for each one!

Please come back for part two of this series, A Mom Lookin' Up, to discuss How We Can Know the Bible is True.

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