Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Best Way to Castrate Your Husband-Part One

You are saying, "What?! Who would do that?" Well, ladies, it is happening every day.  Even by Christian women: women who attend services regularly and post feel-good "I love God" quotes on FB every day. Sure, they are sincere in their sentiments. Meanwhile, behind closed doors-and often without even realizing it themselves-they are dishonoring God, breaking their wedding vows and castrating their own husbands.

The Free Dictionary gives three definitions of "castrate".  The first two are the obvious. The third definition is what I am focusing on in this post: "to deprive of virility or spirit; to emasculate".

So, in what way are women emasculating, or depriving their men of their spirit? One word. Tongue.

Over the years modern wives have been brainwashed into thinking they have every right to tell their husbands exactly what they are thinking, when they think it and he better roll over and comply. Husbands are expected to follow the wives' rules-whether they concern where he leaves his shoes, how he spends his free time or how he dresses-and if he protests, he is scolded and corrected. The wife walks away, shaking her head, wondering why he just doesn't "get it".

Now I realize I made some very harsh claims above, about dishonoring God, breaking vows and castrating husbands.  I also realize my explanations will make for a much longer post than is appropriate in this forum. So, I'll leave you to ponder till tomorrow, when I will explain how nagging our husbands is dishonoring to God.


  1. This is very convicting! Thank you for making it shocking enough to get some attention. It is something I think we all struggle with today. I desire that unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit which is of great worth to our Lord!

  2. I am looking forward to reading more! Great title- couldn't help but click!