Friday, July 6, 2012

Journal: 7/6/12

Something odd happened around 5:30 this evening. It was so hot, even the sky started to sweat! ;) It rained!!!  We haven't had rain in well over a month, so it was both much needed and much appreciated.  The kids and I actually danced in it. :)  We ended up with a half inch, a good soaker without the danger of flooding I think.

I've been up to my elbows in carrots most of the day and ended the day with 2 1/2 quart bags for the freezer. I am still not finished, so carrots are on tomorrow's agenda as well. I think I will take what is left and can glazed carrots for a new side dish.

During our little rain spell today, a strong gust of wind came out of the north.  When it was over, we had a little gift on the ground.
An empty bird's nest had been blown out of a tree. This was Buck's first time seeing one up close.
Now that the day has come to a close, I am ready to lay in my bed and read some wonderful blogs by some lovely ladies.

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