Friday, July 13, 2012

Homemaker's Journal 7/13/12

It has been some kind of week.

Monday-I officially turned in Beauty's enrollment papers to the local elementary school.  That evening, the pain I had been experiencing for two weeks in my left shoulder/neck intensified to the point where I became completely immobilized. It hurt to stand (due to gravity pulling on my left arm, thus, pulling on the shoulder muscles), it hurt to sit, once seated I had to have help to stand up, and I could not raise my head. I do not have a regular doctor, having not been to my "usual" family doctor for nearly five years (I just don't get sick enough to warrant a doctor's visit, in my opinion). Fortunately, Hubs' doctor is a good family friend and member of the church we attend. I called him and asked for help. He called in a prescription for a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory.  Since Hubs had to go in to work night shift, my mom picked up the meds and brought them to me. If you know me at all, you would know how significant the pain must've been for me to take prescription meds. I usually avoid them at all costs. Mom had to place the pills in my mouth since I could not even do that. She then took the kids home with her and I went to bed. The meds didn't help much, but I read online that it was safe to take Tylenol with them and the combination of the three did the trick and I found blissful slumber.

After sleeping most of the day Tuesday, I felt well enough to take the kids to a pool party.  A local special needs group had organized the party for the families of special needs kids. They had a blast.

On Wednesday we discovered someone had hacked Hubs' debit card number and ran up close to $1000 of purchases and international finance charges on our checking account. Fortunately, our cards have zero liability coverage and the bank "refunded" all our stolen money as well as issued Hubs a new debit card. This apparently has become quite a problem in our area, since the bank lady told me today that this has happened to at least 10 (T-E-N) fellow customers this week alone. We live in a very small town, so that number is huge by comparison.  Obviously, the bank is investigating it and is so far suspicious of gas pumps and Redbox.  (Of course, she would not admit it COULD be the result of faulty security on their part). :) 

Thursday was rather uneventful, thank goodness. The kids and I spent some time with my dad and grandfather and Beauty went home with my parents....again.

Today, Friday, was cleaning day.  Beauty and I managed to clean my bathroom, my bedroom, her bedroom and Buck's bedroom. I then fixed a big supper (the Dinner of the south) and cleaned up the dishes.  Now is time to relax and prepare for what will hopefully be a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, since Hubs doesn't return to work until Tuesday.

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