Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a day!

What a day Friday was!  It began okay, but by afternoon......shew! Long story, so brace yourself....

It all began when Beauty, Buck and I were driving to the chiropractor and I noticed my temperature gauge rising. I called my dad, who was meeting us there so he could watch Buck while Beauty and I had our appointment and told him to bring a jug of water cause the Blazer was getting hot.  He did.

After the appointment, Beauty and I were going to make a run to Lowes and Wal-mart before retrieving Buck from my dad.  The Blazer almost didn't start.  We made it to Lowes. Came out of Lowes and sure enough, the Blazer didn't start.  I called my dad to come out and help.  Keep in mind it was, according to my Blazer, 110 degrees.  Dad could not figure out what was wrong.  The Blazer was turning over, just not firing. So I suggested that maybe we go get some gas, in case the fuel gauge was going out, before we towed it to the mechanics. We did, and it started.  On our way home (me with two kids and it 110 degrees), the temperature gauge started acting crazy, fluctuating between 100 and 260.  Then, about a quarter mile from our house, it died in the middle of the road.  Hubs is on night shift, so he was at home asleep WITH HIS PHONE TURNED OFF.  I figured our only option was for me and the kids to walk home in the heat. Luckily, we live on a rural road so we didn't have to worry about highway traffic.  Anyway, just as we were beginning to walk, our neighbors (who happen to be a really sweet Minnonite family) came along.  We climbed into the back of their truck and they brought us home. {This family is so sweet; they brought Buck a baby gift the day after we brought him home from the hospital}

Anyway, meanwhile, I get home, wake up Hubs and fill him in.  He goes and rolls the Blazer into the ditch, so it was not in the middle of the road and we wait for the engine to cool.  An hour or so later, my parents arrive to see if they could help and my dad had the forethought to pick up a new thermostat for my ailing automobile. He and Hubs change it and everything appears to be fine.  My parents go home and Hubs prepares to go to work.  On his way to work, he notices the Blazer did not have much power so he turns around to come back home and as he turns onto the same rural road where the kids and I had to walk, it dies.  SO, thinking that maybe it ran out of gas again (since we didn't put much in at Lowes) we add gas and still nothing.  We had to pull the Blazer home with a log chain.  Now, as I write this, Hubs comes in to tell me that it appears water has gotten into the engine and the head gasket is blown.  He also said the carburetor is full of sludge.

I am praying for a miracle people.  Replacing the head on a vehicle costs A LOT!  I am very thankful for working cell phones and that when the Blazer did die, twice, at least it was within walking distance of our house.  I am also so thankful for the Millers (sent by God I know) for giving us a ride home. Please pray that Hubs is wrong (lol) and it is an easy and inexpensive fix.  Regardless, I know the Lord will provide. He always has.


  1. Good luck with the vehicle. We recently took ours in and it needs $1500 work...yikes!

  2. Yikes indeed! That can hurt! Good luck with yours too.