Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Purses Became My Downfall

Friday, Day Four, brought my juicing to a screeching halt.

It began well.  As I last posted, the day was cool and rainy but I felt really good.  It was a GOOD day.

My mom hosted a 31 Purse party.  All was well, until refreshment time and I found myself halfway through a plate of cookies and crackers before I realized: I am not supposed to be eating this!  Knowing that my 5 day juicing was going to end up being a 4 day juicing instead, I wanted to end day four on a healthy and positive note. Not by stuffing my mouth with cookies and sugar-laden lemonade.  So what happened, you ask.

I don't know.  I just plain forgot myself amid the festivities and it was if all that I had done all week never happened.  My evil alter ego took over.

One thing for sure, next time I schedule a juicing fast, I'll make sure it is NOT anywhere near a special event.

Old habits really do die hard.

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