Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has begun! And there it goes!

Day One of my juice fast has begun!

It began well, with a juice I shall call Dawn. This name represents the beginning of a new way of life (plus, it also happens to be my middle name).  It consists of sweet potato, pineapple, pear and grapes.  I did not want to begin with a juice that included something like kale, which I've never eaten before and will probably leave a very....green...taste.

Beauty took a "Before" picture of me. (Yep, you actually get to see me..and fresh out of bed too!) I know people like to see before/after pics. Whether or not 5 days is long enough to show a difference remains to be seen.  Well, if nothing else, it is a motivator!

Pretty bad, huh?  I realize she should've gotten a full body shot, but this was the first time I've ever let her use my good camera.  Yes, I notice the water spot on my shirt.  Sheez. I loathe pictures of myself.  Maybe in my "after" picture I'll actually smile, instead of looking constipated.  Okay, I'll stop criticizing myself now.

I've been up for nearly two hours as I type this and I am already feeling a caffeine-withdrawal headache. A very faint, sinus-type, ache.

Okay, just had "lunch". I don't have an inspirational name for this juice. It is beyond inspiring.  Kale, celery, peach and grapes. The celery is the dominant taste, but mostly it tastes like grass. Yum. But hey, it is full of nutrients.  My headache is slowly progressing.  My mom suggests I take a Tylenol, but that would defeat the purpose. The point is to rid myself of the yuck.  The fact I have a headache is a reminder that my body has grown dependent upon junk, namely, caffeine and refined sugar. I fixed the kids a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  Oh how I wanted to lick a spoonful of peanut butter! But I did not. So far my will is stronger. Here's praying that it holds out for 4 1/2 more days!!!!
_________________________________________________________________________________This is ridiculous!  I bought more produce for this juicing than I ever buy normally, yet it is obvious on this first night that I will not have enough for five days. ( I know this sounds like a cop out, or easy escape, but honestly it isn't!!! I want to feel better!!!)  So, I have no choice but keep at it till I run out since the grocery budget is used up until Friday.   I went to the Reboot website, answered a few questions, and they recommended I do the Express Fast.  This fast has you juicing all day, but then eating a healthy, sensible dinner.  I think I'll go this route.  

I feel a little let down, but it is what it is and all things work for good.....

I remain determined to change my life, with God's help, through nutrition.


  1. You go girl!! Blessings, you have more in you than I have. I have been working on weight all year and I can get the exercising done, but I am still caving in on the eating. Blessings on your journey..thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment!

  2. i don't have the courage for this but am greatly
    inspired by yours! keep up the fight!

  3. Marcia, I'm visiting from voiceBoks. I love your blog! This is a great challenge you've chosen for yourself. I felt so guilty because as I was reading your post, I was drinking a creamy cup of coffee! I'm trying to make changes in my diet and lifestyle, so maybe I'll gain some inspiration from you!!!!
    PS My blog is http://www.mynuggetsoftruth.blogspot.com/

  4. Ladies,
    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I need it!!! :)

  5. I promise you, you WILL feel better once it's all done. I quit coffee over a month ago. I've had a random cup here or there since then, but not the half-pot I used to drink on a daily basis. The headache only last one day for me. It's hard to quit sugar and caffeine at the same time, but you have the sugar from the peaches and grapes, so it shouldn't be too bad. I LOVE Kale! You should try to make Kale chips in the oven. They are really good. I could go through a whole pound just like that. You are doing awesome and like I said, you will love the way you feel once you get rid of the "yuck"!

  6. Marcia you are so brave and inspiring! I have done a challenge myself.. but nothing like this! Here's to your challenge! Blessings.

  7. Good luck! It's great that you are trying to eat healthier.

  8. Good luck and do keep us posted on what your progress! :)