Monday, February 25, 2013

The Past has, um, passed

When I was a preteen one of my favorite music groups was The Judds.  I still enjoy listening to their greatest hits from time to time. One of my favorites has always been "Grandpa (Tell Me Bout the Good Ol' Days)". Remember that one?

  I've been thinking a lot lately about the state of this nation we all love so well. My dad and I have had a few lengthy discussions on the matter.  He is very "old-schooled" and struggles stubbornly with the fact that this is not the same world he grew up in, even if we do live in what is left of the "Bible Belt". He grumbles every time he finds one of our vehicles locked. "You shouldn't have to lock your car!", he exclaims. I can appreciate how he feels and long myself for the time when you didn't even have to lock your house.

Sadly, though, those days are passed.  Still I find myself asking, "What if?"

What If......

*human life was valued and respected?
*movies/games de-valuing human life was abhorred?
*it was unthinkable to end a life before it had a chance to take an independent breath?

*a man's word was his bond?
*that same man was faced with shame when his word was broken?
*a man took responsibility for himself and his family, fulfilling the role God ordained for him?
*the above were the same for women?
*men treated women the way God intends?
*women treated men the way God intends?
*the dad made sure his family walked in integrity, bowed their heads in prayer and were in church every time the doors were open?

*the biggest school problems were talking and chewing gum?
*the Bible was the primary textbook?
*getting in "trouble" at school resulted in actual (painful) consequences?
*those consequences repeated themselves at home, when the parents found out, instead of the parents cursing out the teacher or school system?

*shame and guilt were the results of lying, stealing, cheating, unfaithfulness and (gasp) even laziness?

*what if women spent more time creating a peaceful home, loving their husbands and nurturing their children than they did talking on the phone or piddling on the computer?(ouch)
*motherhood was valued as the most important of all jobs?
*wives/mothers were sensible, wise, prudent and frugal enough to make their husbands' incomes the only income needed?
*husbands/dads did what he had to (within the law of both God and man) to provide for his family?
*marriage was seen as a sanctified covenant and husbands and wives took seriously their individual roles?

*churches taught God's word straight from the Bible
*we were more concerned about being Biblically correct than politically correct?
*the above were actually the same thing?
*even those who were not Christians saw the value/benefit of its virtues/teachings?

*people took responsibility for their own actions and gave up the blame game?

*we put others before ourselves?

*neighbors not only knew one another, but looked out for one another?

*spent more time counting our blessings than harboring our disappointments?

Just What If these were the norm?

Perhaps we'd live in a completely different world, with fewer broken homes, far fewer school shootings, less crowded prisons.....perhaps.....


  1. It's been ages since I last heard this song. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love that song! You know, I would love if we could return to the time you posted about. Life was more cherished and valued. People worked hard for their families and the life they wanted. *sigh* I wish that was the norm.

  3. LOL I havent heard that song in a long time!

  4. I love the music by the Judd's. I also think that Jesus is the answer to all of the questions that you asked above. More people need him today and the government and most people continue to push him away.