Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A is for Allegiance

In  an effort to be more consistent and disciplined in my blogging, I decided to endeavor the challenge of blogging on topics beginning with A through Z.
A is for allegiance


Loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.
Remember Ray Boltz's song, I pledge allegiance to the Lamb?  I have seen it before a long time ago, but was recently reminded of it. 

Since I am blogging A to Z, and trying to post on topics that are a reflection of my personality and what is important to me, A for allegiance is very appropriate.

We grew up saying the pledge to the flag in school each morning (I think they say it less now, which is a shame), but pledging allegiance to Christ is so much more important.  When we become Christians, we are essentially saying our lives are no longer our own, but Christ's.  We commit to following Him and living for Him.

While the slam against Christians here in the US has intensified in the last few years, our "persecutions" do not hold a candle to that of Christians throughout the rest of the world. We still enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom and peace and very few of us ever have our lives at stake for our beliefs. I hope that we do not become so comfortable in our salvation that we forget to actually LIVE for Christ.  Every decision we make, every thought we complete, should be a reflection of our allegiance to Him.  Though we could never earn our salvation or work our way into heaven, by pledging allegiance to the Lamb we are expressing our desire to please Him because of Who He Is and what He means to us.

I hereby pledge allegiance to the Lamb that was slain for my sins, and who rose again and who now sits at the right hand of God, making intercession for me.  May all that I say, do and all that I am, bring Him glory and honor all the days of my life.


  1. I live in a Muslim country and hear the slams against Christianity every day. It has only strengthened my faith but perhaps for the wrong reasons. (I tend to be stubborn and don;t like when my beliefs are talked about). Your post made me think I should be doing it for the right reasons again.

  2. Wow Jacqueline, I'll be praying for you as you serve the Lord among those openly hostile to Christians. God bless, protect and empower you.


  3. Wow, I couldn't believe the comment you received above. Amazing!

  4. Oh wonderful post. In the west, we live our lives for ourselves - for our comfort, for our pleasure, for our desires. We so seldom think about a life of surrender, a life of total commitment to the Lord, a life of sacrifice for others. We forget that we are not of this world, that as ambassadors of Christ, we are living on foreign soil and everything we do represents the King of our TRUE country.

    Thanks for the reminder of who our allegiance is to!

  5. Thanks for the reminders. What a wonderful post!

    Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

    Kristie from vb